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One Four Challenge – October – Week 1

October Week 1 Edit
October Week 1 Edit

This is a picture I took last fall and kept trying to decide if I wanted to do anything with it or delete it. As I was going through pictures – I thought I go ahead and do something with this one for the challenge. I did basic panel adjustments in LR and a little noise reduction and sharpening

This is the original before edits


12 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – October – Week 1

  1. Simple but effective edits this week, you really brought the detail out the shadows… especially those tree trunks. πŸ™‚ I love the color of the autumn leaves. We don’t really get a ‘proper’ autumn here in San Diego, I miss Autumn in the east [I used to live in Alexandria, VA] (but I don’t miss the snow! haha). I’m a big fan of ducks too, looking forward to the rest of this month’s edits. πŸ˜€

    1. Thanx Nic. We love on the VA coast so we don’t get the vibrant colors you may have seen in Alexandria but we go to Skyline Drive every year to enjoy the bright colors.

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