Lens Artist Challenge – It’s All About the Light

I love taking photos of insects and have been known to chase dragonflies or butterflies. If there is cloud cover or a bit of shade, the photos are much richer in color than those in the sun. The first photo was taken today in the bright sun. The dragonfly lacks the detail that I like.

The next photo was taken in June of this year under softer light. The colors in the dragonfly are much richer and I can see the detail in the wings a lot better.

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Lens Artist Challenge – Inspiration

I am always inspired by nature and the beauty around us. We recently moved into an apartment (while waiting to build) and I have been missing many of the birds that I used to see in our backyard. But I have had to opportunity to see lots of insects and a bird or two in the surrounding fields. Here are a few examples of insects that I haven’t taken photos of previously.

My husband said that he always called these insects June bugs.

This little butterfly is no larger than 1.5 inches.

I was intrigued by this moth and looked up the ID. It’s called an Imperial moth and it’s unusual to see because the birds usually get to the caterpillars before they have a chance to become adults.

I am learning that even though we don’t have our own yard right now, there is beauty and inspiration all around. If you would like to join these challenges – you can find the info here –