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Cee’s Compose Yourself – Week 4 – Simplicity

This week we were asked to show photos of how we look at things simply. We were also challenged to show a before/after on a crop and also color/monotone. Here are my selections

CCY Week 4-4

CCY Week 4

CCY Week 4-2

CCY Week 4-3

CCY Week 4-5

CCY Week 4-6

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CCY – Week 3

Favorite #1
Favorite #1
Favorite #2
Favorite #2

This week Cee encouraged us to take multiple images of a subject changing POV, angle etc. Daisies are one of my favorite flowers and we have these unusual ones that bloom in late September/early October – so I chose them as my subject. I resisted cropping any of these to improve the composition (which was hard to do) – just did basic LR edits. I also used a telephoto lens to change the focal lengths.


Cee’s Compose Yourself – Week 2

This week we are asked to provide photos that have a strong identifiable subject and to find photos that include something beautiful, sad or make us laugh. Hopefully I’ve accomplished that with these 3 photos

I’ll start with the sad one – this is the headstone of an aunt I never met. She died of the whooping cough when she was one.

This one makes me laugh. I call it “eat your heart out Marilyn Monroe” because of the famous picture of Marilyn where her dress was blown in an upward fashion (it was quite racy for it’s time)

Something to make me laugh
Something to make me laugh

This one is beautiful – my granddaughter born 6 years ago