Lens Artists Challenge #88 – Chaos

The theme for this week is chaos which is certainly timely. I hope everyone is staying safe, practicing good hand hygiene, social distancing to curtail the spread and staying up-to-date with reputable sources like CDC and WHO. I used to work in a hospital clinical laboratory so I can only imagine the chaos they are experiencing. I was working there in the 1980’s when HIV hit us but I think the difference today is that you can get your information (or misinformation) in an instant. Anyway – I decided to use pictures of the surf and surfing to visually describe chaos.

Just look at the chaos in this water coming to shore

Surfers certainly understand the chaos of the waves (note – no surfers were harmed in the taking of these photos and all are family)

At times, the wave chaos gets the best of a surfboard. This is a photo of my husband during our time in Rincon Puerto Rico. His Puerto Rico surfing days were over for this trip!

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Stay well everyone!!


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Point Your Camera Up

This week on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – we are pointing our camera up. I have 2 photos for this challenge.

My first photo is a blossoming tree in spring which is gorgeous this time of year.

The second photo is Cape Hatteras Lighthouse looking straight up. It is also a climb straight up – but once you reach the top the view is beautiful.

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Lens-Artist Challenge #86 – Change Your Perspective

Our challenge this week comes from Patti –

Here are photos representing different perspectives

Get Down Low – I was weeding the flower beds yesterday and thought these clumps of weeds were kind of interesting so I layed down on the ground to get this photo. It wasn’t until I uploaded it that I saw the tiny bonus bug on the weed.

Look Up – For the first time in a while – we have woodpeckers nesting in our yard. There is always one of the pair nearby to guard the nest.

Look Down – food photo taken from above on a step stool

Walk Around – I walked around this tree yesterday and took many pictures of these pretty flowers that are here for a short time.

Thanks Patti for a great challenge this week!!