Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Future Nostalgic

Future nostalgic photos are ones we take knowing it will be enjoyed in the future. I don’t have any on my computer that are from the birth of my daughters, otherwise – they would be included in this post. The first one I will start with was taken during the lock-down in 2020 when all we had were Face Time, Zoom or Google Duo to connect. While this may not have been the best of times, I am so grateful for the technology that allowed us to connect.

Next are photos of my grandchildren shortly after birth. Grandchildren allow you re-live your inner child and allow you to connect with your adult children in ways you thought you couldn’t.

Last is a photo of our well loved home of 33 years which we sold in April 2021. It will always have a special place in my heart since so many memories were made there. We are looking forward with great excitement to building our new home which is closer to family. Just have to finish jumping through all the hoops on the construction loan process.

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Lens Artists Challenge – Interesting Architecture

This week Tina is hosting the challenge and we are sharing photos of interesting architecture. I don’t take very many pictures of buildings however, I found a few that I think fit this challenge. The first photo is the rocket building at Cape Canaveral. The picture doesn’t do justice to the actual size of the building which is tall enough for a rocket.

The next 2 buildings are healthcare related. The first one is of the hospital where I previously worked. It’s amazing how much it has grown since I started there in the clinical laboratory in 1970. The second one is the medical science library of Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS). Both institutions have national and international recognition

The last photo is one that is near and dear to my heart. This mansion has a long history in Lynchburg, VA but I remember it as Villa Maria Academy because I was a resident student there in 6th grade. The dormitories and school were behind the house along with a playground and dining hall. It was and still is a beautiful home. The house was in disrepair and fortunately it was bought and renovated back to it’s full glory.

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Lens Artists Challenge – A Day of My Week

Amy is hosting the challenge this week and we are sharing photos of a day we experienced. The day I am sharing was fairly close to home and is a place where we bike ride frequently called the Dismal Swamp Canal Trail. We are not competitive riders so we will stop for frequent breaks and photo moments. This trail is a former section of Virginia State Route 17, now a multiuse trail open to bicycling, walking, running/hiking, horseback riding, and boating. It is the oldest continually operating man-made canal in the United States, opened in 1805. Here are a few photos from a recent visit.

There are still some homes along the trail and there are a few strategic roads where the cars can come and go. Here is a small shed that we see on the trail.

The next photo is one I have shared previously of an old house on the trail that has had many lives in the past.

The last photos are of the nature we observe along the way.

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