Lens Artists Challenge – Last Chance

Tina has chosen a great topic for this week. Our posts are to be of photos that are among our favorites for 2022 but have not yet been posted to WP. This post is about the many changes that occurred this year in the Leonard household. Those who follow me may remember that we sold our 2700 sq. ft. home last year and moved into a 700 sq. ft. one bedroom apartment (lensball photo below) while we waited for the right time to start building. That time came in December 2021 and the framing started January 2022. As the building commenced we also saw evidence of the local wildlife (bear).

My husband was quite involved in the construction of the home, so we spend quite a bit of time at the site, but we were able to do some fun stuff too like time at the beach, taking a trip to DC and going to a local aquarium.

At last, we moved in end of July and 6 weeks later on Sept 9, celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. A dear friend sent me a Christmas ornament to commemorate our anniversary.

One of the reasons for the move is to be closer to family. This has paid off in a big way for us, most recently with Christmas cookie baking at our home.

I’ll close with a few nature photos taken around our home; backyard sunrise across the fairway and 2 birds I have never photographed – an eastern phoebe and a yellow bellied sap sucker.

I wish everyone a blessed holiday season and a happy new year!!