Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Blue or Purple Flowers

For this week – we are posting flowers that are blue or purple. I decided to go with purple flowers that have been edited with textures

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Bird Weekly #24

This week we are sharing photos of birds that are hunted/consumed. I do eat meat but I could never hunt and I am glad my husband doesn’t either. I understand that hunting is needed for certain types of animals like deer whose populations can get too large but I am glad there are others who take care of this as it would be too difficult for me to do.

This sweet dove made a nest on our front door wreath not once but twice this past spring. Her mate was always nearby.

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Lens Artist Challenge – Found in the Neighborhood

I have always been a “backyard” photographer but even more now than ever. These photos were taken at or near my home in 2020.

The first one was taken in March. Our neighbor’s son had a wedding planned in March but it had to be altered. They ended up having a very small ceremony in their yard. We live one door down so we were able to go out on the deck and cheer them on. I also pulled out my long lens and played paparazzi. (I didn’t include pictures of the happy couple because I did not ask permission to post).

On a walk one morning I decided to snap this photo of a rose trying to “escape” it’s back yard.

We are also lucky to have lots of birds, bugs and other critters to keep us entertained.

We are blessed to live in a lovely neighborhood with great neighbors who look after each other. If you would like to tell us about your area – you can find the details here –


Lens Artists #122 – The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

For this week’s challenge, we are invited by Ana – – to share photos depicting this theme. I have to admit that I do not get up often for sunrises. Here are a few of my favorites:

Early morning surf session

Beach walker

Sunrise service on the pier

Cloudy and colorful sunrise

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