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Macro Moments – Week 19 – Topic – Broaden Your Scope


This week Susan encouraged us to use our macro lens for a non-macro subject. I decided to go with a fall abstract on the lake. I usually take a few of these each fall and they all seem to turn out different. This was taken with the Canon 100mm at ISO 800, f6.3, 1/200 using the 7D II. If you would like to participate – here’s the link Musin’ with Susan Week 19


Weekly Photo Challenge – Topic – Transmorgrify

My daughter was recently married in Hatteras. There is a bakery down there called the Orange Blossom which makes something called an Apple Ugly. These are “gut lunkers”. Both my daughter and her now husband are fans of these so they decided to turn them into a wedding cake of sorts. If you are ever in Buxton on Hatteras Island – you have to try one of these. Here is some additional info on the place