Project 365 – February 19-25, 2023

Week 8 is DONE!!

February 19 – Signs of spring

February 20 – Local eatery

February 21 – A place on the water

February 22 – Early bloomer

February 23 – Weeds by the water

February 24 – Taken for a themed Flickr group – topic – Humor

February 25 – taken for a themed Flickr group – topic – Texture


Lens Artists Challenge

This week Bren from Brashley Photography is hosting. Our challenge is to bring softness to photos. Here are the examples I have chosen for this week.

The first one is a Lensbaby photo. This lens creates softer photos.

Another way to create softness is by using a slow shutter speed. In this case we were in a moving boat and I used a shutter speed of 1/14 second.

The next photo shows softness by reduction of clarity in Lightroom.

Last is a texture edit.

Many thanks to Bren for hosting this week and reminding us that our photos don’t always have to be sharp.


Project 365 – February 12-18, 2023

Week 7 is done!!

February 12 – Taken for a themed Flickr group – Topic – Heart

February 13 – Flowers in sepia

February 14 – Valentines Day – photo of a driftwood heart wreath with texture applied

February 15 – Sunset Reflections

February 16 – Mockingbird

February 17 – Gorgeous eastern bluebird

February 18 – Taken for a themed Flickr group – Topic – Stack


Lens Artists Challenge

This week Amy is leading us on a East Meets West or North Meets South challenge. I have not been to any foreign countries so I decided to share photos of the eastern and western part of North Carolina. Every fall, we go to the western part of the state for leaf peeping. Last fall we visited Skyline Drive (in Virginia) then made our way to the Great Smokies which is on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee.

While I love our fall travels, I am so glad our permanent home is surrounded by water and near beaches. These photos are from the Outer Banks (Nags Head), Hatteras Island and the Albemarle Sound.


Lens Artists – Shadows and Reflections in Monochrome

This week, Patti has provided an interesting topic to explore with photography. I love monochrome photos but don’t use it very often with mine. I think it can bring out nice details or create a mood. Here are a few I have for this week.

This flower is pretty in color but I also like how this edit turned out.

This photo was taken on a cold day and I think the monochrome helps give the impression of cold. There is even a layer of ice in the water beyond the dock.

Beaches are great for monochrome photos.

Here is an “usie” (plural of selfie) of Gidget and I at the beach. I think we look quite nice 🙂