Lens Artists Challenge #96 Cropping the Shot

This week we are sharing some of our before/after photos to show how a crop can change the look. I almost always do a little cropping for compositional purposes. Here are 3 examples from photos taken this year.

Mrs. Mallard Duck – she was pretty far away from me in the original and I thought the shoreline was distracting. I wanted to bring her in closer because I loved the light on her feathers and the color of her eyes.

In this next photo, I turned a portrait into a landscape photo with the crop.

I did a major crop on this last photo because I wanted the rose buds to have all the attention.

So….. do you like the befores or afters???

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Sense of Hearing

In this week’s challenge, we are sharing pictures that your can “hear”. “Hear” are a few that I have picked:

Good old vinyl records with all the crackles and pops. This is a Beatles album on the turntable.

We heard this quartet at a wedding in the mountains. Bluegrass wedding music anyone???

Last, if ducks could laugh they would look like this one 🙂

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Lens Artists Challenge #95 – All Wet

Tina has invited us to share our photo interpretations of all wet. The first one is my husband on the verge of wiping out. Even though he is already wet from surfing, the wave will hit with some force pushing him off the board and into the water below.

Next is a robin having an awesome time taking a bath.

Last is one of my favorite shore birds getting ready to take the plunge into the sea.

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Lens Artists Challenge #94 – At Home

We are blessed with a lovely home and nice neighborhood. Our house is situated on a lake that is shared with about 60 other homes. Being on the lake allows for waterfowl, turtles and fishing. One of my favorite lake photos is reflections like the one below

There is also a lot of variety in the birds we see but this year we have the special honor of having a dove nest on our front door wreath. After about 2 weeks, one of the eggs has hatched.

At times our little Bo-huahua (Boston terrier and chihuahua) provides some comic relief which does not please her I’m sure

I’ve also played around with some new techniques such as focus-stacking and low key photography

All in all, we are doing well but I soooooo miss my girls and grandchildren. Fingers crossed that we can see them soon. If you want to share what you have been doing at home, go here –