Lens Artists Challenge 119 – Hideaway

This year more than ever our home has become our sanctuary. There is a mixed blessing in this because we have made the decision to downsize and move closer to our girls and their families. The place we have chosen to live will have many of the characteristics of our current neighborhood with the plus of being closer to our family and the Outer Banks. This year I have truly enjoyed the variety of birds we have seen in our yard. Here are a few photos I’d like to share.



Juvenile Green Heron

Male and Female Finches

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Lens Artists Challenge 117 – A Photo Walk

This week Amy has asked us to share photos from a photo walk. These pictures are from today’s walk in our neighborhood with my husband and dog. Our neighborhood has a golf course and several man made lakes which makes for some nice views. Pampas grass is planted near the entrance and sometimes the light on it is pretty.

The golf course winds in and around the houses.

Several of the homes are decorated for Halloween.

There are quite a few houses including ours that live on one of the lakes.

Even though it is fall, there are still a few flowers in bloom.

And as we returned home, we saw Teddy Bear, our neighbor’s dog enjoying the beautiful day.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Topic – Doors and Windows

This week we are sharing photos of doors and windows. If you would like to play along with this, you can go here for more information –

Here are my selections for this week’s topic

Beach Cottage Windows

Beautiful stained glass window

Dollhouse doors and windows made by Santa Grandpa


Lens Artists Challenge 116 – Symmetry

This week Patti invites us to share photos of vertical, horizontal and radial symmetry. Here are a few examples I have chosen.

The first is a photo of Bodie Lighthouse on the Outer Banks dividing the image in two vertically. There may be a little horizontal symmetry going on with the stripes.

Next is an example of horizontal symmetry.

The final two are examples of radial symmetry but may also have horizontal symmetry as well.

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