Lens Artists – #140 – Change of Scenery

Whenever I get the opportunity to go to the beach – I’m there – warm weather or cold – it doesn’t matter. If it’s cold – I go long enough to see and hear the waves and smell the salty air. The photo below was from one of those cold days in January. People who live in the Outer Banks are encouraged to bring their trees down to the dunes as a way of helping protect them.

The next photo is more recent and hopefully will put a smile on your face. This Easter Bunny was set up at a local park to see children and give them a little treat.


Bird Weekly – Birds in B/W or Sepia

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus with posting. We just received a contract on our house so we’ve been preoccupied with all that goes with those activities. I’m sure I’ll have some additional times where I am in and out. Anyway, for this week’s challenge I decided to post this photo of a mockingbird. They are not very colorful so I think the b/w lends itself nicely to these birds.


Lens Artists Challenge #138 – Soft

This week’s topic for the Lens Artists is soft. There are a variety of ways to interpret this. In the first photo – Gidget is interpreting the word for us. I can just hear her say – “this feels so soft and cool”.

In the next photo – I’m sure most everyone would agree that babies exude softness. For this photo – I decreased the clarity and increased the exposure to enhance the softness.

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Bird Weekly – Birds with White Feathers

This week’s topic is birds that have white feathers. Here are my 2 picks for this week:

The first one is a male hooded merganser. We typically see these birds in January or February in our neighborhood lakes. They stay briefly then move on – not sure where. According to The Cornell Lab – we should see them year round on the coast of Virginia – but I’ve never seen one in the warmer weather. They seem shy not coming to close to the shore. This one seems to be admiring a branch in the water.

The second one is some sort of mallard hybrid. We have some white ducks, mallards and geese year round. I’m guessing this one is a mallard/white duck mix – perhaps male since the head is green. He/she is very happy to swim with both the white ducks and mallards.

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Lens Artists #136 – Starts with Letter S

This week we are sharing photos of subjects that start with the letter “S”. Here are mine for the week.

The first one is from a recent snowstorm we had in January. We don’t get snow that often and this one was just enough to make everything pretty.

This one is shorebreak surf.

The last one is part real and part fake. It’s a flower at sunset. Photoshop has a sky replacement filter which is pretty cool. I shot the flower on a white background and added the sunset through the magic of Photoshop.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Reed, Read or Red

This week Cee is inviting us to share photos of the Reed, Read or Red variety. I have picked one for each word.

The first one is of grassy reeds in the summer.

The second is a set of genealogy books from my husband’s family. The Eddy family arrived in America in 1630 on the Handmaid. Now the genealogy is maintained by the foundation on their website.

The last is one of my favorite red birds.

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