Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Roofs of Any Kind

This week, Cee is looking for roofs. I have to admit that I didn’t think I had any until I started searching and was surprised to find a few. You can join the fun here

Roof on the Ground
See-thru Roof
View from a Lighthouse
Hubby Working on the Roof (Yikes)

Lens Artist Challenge #85 Treasure Hunt

Tina has sent us on a treasure hunt this week for photos –

I had fun digging through older and current photos to hit all of the items we were challenged to find. So here goes:

Sunset, boat, seascape, bird, bike, rainbow ( I used a fogbow photo) and dog – these were all taken at or near the beach

The other items are something hot or cold, a funny sign, church, musical instrument, plane and waterfall

Thanks Tina for the trip down memory lane!!


Lens Artists #84 – Narrow

This week we are invited to provide interpretations of narrow. In this first photo – there are 3 surfers (one a wipeout) on this wave and all narrowly escaped getting hurt by the riderless board

If you are ever in the Outer Banks and have a chance to climb one of the lighthouses, it’s a great experience but the stairway is extremely narrow. We’ve climbed this one a few times – Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

We can also look to nature for some examples – herons are such elegant birds but those stilt like legs can take on a comical look at times

Damselflies are beautiful and have an extremely narrow body which makes focusing on them difficult

If you’d like to join in on the Lens Artist challenges – here is the link –


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Vanishing or Leading Lines

Here are my picks for this week – all were taken last year

This first one is a photo of the intercoastal waterway a couple of miles from us

I need lots of practice between lessons

The beach on a foggy day. Do you see the small American flag in the fence?

If you want to join in – go here –


Lens Artists #82 – Capitals

This week we are asked to provide photos that represent a capital. I’m going to start with the capital of the United States during colonial times which is Williamsburg, Virginia. This town is rich in the history of our country and has beautiful old buildings that have been restored.

We also had the opportunity a few years ago for a quick stop in San Juan and saw both old and less old structures

Lastly, my daughter, granddaughter and I spent a few days in Nashville, Tennessee which is not only the capital of the state but also considered the music capital of the world. Where else could I hang out with a wax figure of Kid Rock?

If you’d like to join in – visit for this week’s host.


Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy – Sit in the Sun

This week we are asked to “Sit in the Sun”. I looked through my photos and here are a few of my favorites

My granddaughter and our dog enjoying a warm October day at the beach

Our “grand-dog” Bongo doing the same in early spring

Here’s another of Gidget enjoying the warm sun through the window

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