Lens Artists Challenge – Stripes and Checks

This week in the Lens Artists Challenge, we are sharing photos with stripes and checks. Here are my choices for the week.

Stripes made from protective fencing on the beach

Striped zebra swallowtail

The next 2 photos are of buildings which have checks of various sizes

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Bird Weekly – Birds with Brown Feathers

Here are my entries for this week. The first photo was taken last year and I believe it’s a pintail duck.

The second one is some sort of hybrid. A Flickr friend thought it was a cross between a mallard and a crested domestic duck. It was very happy to swim with the mallards and regular domestic ducks in the lake.

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Bird Weekly – Birds with “Butts in the Air”

This week we are sharing photos of birds with “bottoms up”. Here are a few that I have chosen for this week.

A laughing gull proudly showing tailfeathers.

I think this is a boattail grackle that we saw in Rincon Puerto Rico – if I have the ID incorrect – please let me know.

A cute little nuthatch hanging bottoms up.

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Lens Artists Challenge #131 – Emotions

I have lots of photos of family and friends showing emotions however I am going with a different take on this week’s theme – happy dogs. I think dogs show a lot of emotion through their tails, eyes and yes even their smiles. Here are a few photos of dogs that are or have been in our family.

This picture goes back in time. Meet Coda – our dog from my childhood. He has that happy doggy smile.

Rosie is up next. She lived with us for almost 16 years – we lost her in 2017. You can just feel her joy as she romps in the snow.

Here is smiling Kiely – my daughter’s dog who recently passed away. Labs seem to have a permanent smile.

This is Bongo – also my daughter’s dog – he lives for his ball!!

Last is our little Gidget. You can see the love and trust in her eyes.

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Macro Photography

Lens Artists Challenge – It’s a Small World

This week we are posting close up/macro photos. This is probably my favorite type of photography. I am always amazed by the little surprises in the photos once they are on the computer – things you don’t see when you take the picture. About a year ago, I invested in a “super” macro lens which brings things even closer. The picture below was taken with that lens and is the center of a poinsettia.

Although you get amazing detail – the lens has a huge learning curve.

The next 2 photos were taken with the traditional macro lens. I loves the detail and colors of the caterpillar and you can also see why pinecones hurt when you step on them.

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Lens Artists Challenge – Favorites of 2020

Prior to “stay at home” orders – we were able to travel to the Outer Banks to see family. Both of our daughters live there. We usually end up at the beach while we are there. These 2 photos are from January and February.

In March, the stay at home orders were started in both Virginia and North Carolina and the bridges to the Outer Banks were closed to anyone who did not live or work there. This lasted for a long 2 1/2 months. During that time, we busied ourselves with home improvement and puzzles. I tried a few new photography techniques such as low and high key photos.

The bridges opened and we were finally allowed to go down again. Even though we live in separate homes, we all decided that the family was our “germ circle” and there would be no other socializing. We were also able to make a short trip to Skyline Drive in the fall through careful planning. We stayed at a friend’s condo and did a complete wipe down of the place on arrival and brought all of our own sheets, towels etc. It was well worth all the effort to stay safe.

Somewhere along this 2020 journey, we decided to try and move closer to our family. If we can make everything work out – we will sell our beloved but too large 32 year old home this spring and find a newer and smaller place less than 30 minutes from them. We will miss this home – lots of memories.

I’ll close with the best thing to come out of 2020 – the birth of our 3rd grandchild in mid-December. I can’t think of a better way to end 2020.