Lens Artists – Topic – Humor

This week John of John’s Space leads with the topic of humor. I didn’t think I had any photos that depicted humor until I looked at some of the dog photos I have taken over the years. Sometimes we catch dogs doing something funny and sometimes we do something with them that makes us laugh. Here are some examples of both situations.

These dogs wanted nothing to do with the water

In the next photo, the dog did not drink the beer, but was napping on a warm day beside the pool. I couldn’t resist the snap

Who hasn’t had a good chuckle at a dog licking a baby?

Then, of course, there are those items we adorn our dogs with. They put up with it because they love us.

I had fun going through my photos and having a chuckle at some of them. If you are interested in joining these challenges, you can find the info here


Lens Artists Challenge – Colorful Expressions

This week Anne leads the challenge. The photos I have chosen for this topic were taken in February at Disney Springs in Florida. Color abounds in the world of Disney with their animated movies and cartoons as well as Disneyland and Disney World. These two photos were taken outside the Lego museum. Not only are they colorful, but the subjects are made of Legos. I’m guessing that it took a lot of patience and time.


Lens Artists Challenge – Bokeh

This week Sophia is leading the challenge. One of the lenses I have that I don’t pull out often enough is the Lensbaby. It can produce a beautiful bokeh effect especially at wide apertures. Here are a few examples :

There are several types of Lensbaby lenses. The one I have is the Velvet 85. These lenses have a huge learning curve since they are fully manual but they are fun to use.


Lens Artist Challenge – Topic Birthday

This week, Journeys with Johnbo is hosting the challenge. One of the best birthday bashes in recent years was my husband’s and his twin brother’s 70th in 2019. We did a surf (hubby) and golf (twin brother) theme. We had a house full of family and friends which made for a great time. One word that sums it up to me is LOVE. Here are a few pix from the party.

Cute party napkins

This is your life in photos

The twins

Family (goofy) photo – we were missing their older brother and his family which would have created quite a crowd for this photo.

I’m so glad their birthday was before COVID-19 hit us. It’s good to see things moving slowly back to some state of normal.