Weekly Photo Challenge – Topic – Lines and Patterns


Last Saturday, we took a short hike to catch some of the fall colors and I saw this leaf that had both lines and patterns, as well as a little bit of fall color !


Charles the Monarch

Charles the Monarch

This is just a fun post. I don’t normally post camera pix or ones of me – but this one is different. We attended the Old Dominion University game Saturday and I got to pose with this famous dog. His owner grooms him to look like ODU’s mascot – a monarch lion. What made him famous was that a few months ago he was spotted walking down a street near our zoo and the 911 dispatchers were getting calls of a baby lion on the loose. So if interested here’s the story


Weekly Photo Challenge – Topic – Inside – Impatiens Flower


Impatiens flowers are pretty small but with a macro lens you can really get close and see the world in the center of the flower. It’s amazing how I could not see all of this with my eye, but through photography, we see something new. I think that’s why I used to love microscope work when I worked in the clinical laboratory many years ago.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Unusual Point of View



Rather than take pictures of flowers from the front – I placed my camera under the flower to get pictures of the flower underneath. This was challenging since I don’t have a swivel screen on the camera and could not tell if I had the picture composed since I could not look through the view finder. Kind of a fun exercise to try!!!