Project 365 – January 22-28, 2023

They say you have to do something for 21 days to make it a habit – so I have passed that milestone!! Here are the last 7 days of photos for my 365.

January 22 – An appetizer – cream cheese stuffed wonton – heat and eat

January 23 – Morning activities

January 24 – Winter reflections

January 25 – Taken for a Flickr themed group – topic was “Depth of Field”

January 26 – An incredible sunset – this was taken in the east – I can only imagine what it looked like on the west side of the Outer Banks

January 27 – Taken for a Flickr themed group – topic was “Optical Devices”

January 28 – Canal leading out to Currituck Sound – I used Topaz Impressions for editing


Lens Artists Challenge – A One Lens Walk

This week Anne wants us to “take a lens for a walk.” I have 3 favorites that I use on a regular basis. First up is the canon 24-105mm. I use this one primarily for family and pet photos.

But is also works nicely for landscape photos.

My next go-to lens is the canon 100-400mm. If I’m trying to photograph birds or distant subjects, this is the lens that I use.

Although the 100-400 is not a macro lens, it works well for close up photography as long as I can maintain the minimum focusing distance. For this reason, I will more often than not take this heavy but useful lens on hikes.

The last lens that I use regularly is my canon 100mm macro which is absolutely my favorite! I love bringing detail to life. Early in my career as a clinical laboratory technologist, I discovered that I loved microscopy. Being able to see red cells, white cells, platelets, bacteria and fungi close up was fascinating to me. Below are 2 macro images with the 100.

The 100mm macro also serves as a great prime lens which is something I need to remember more often.

As my love for macro photography grew over the years, I investigated getting into microscopic photography. Deciding that it might be too expensive, instead I purchased the canon MPE 65mm which is a 1X – 5X macro. It is full manual, requires great light and absolutely no movement of subject or camera. It’s great for rainy days when I don’t want to walk.

Thanks Anne for a great challenge!


Project 365 – January 15-21, 2023

Week 3 is in the books!!

January 15 – Tiny Flowers

January 16 – Local business closed for winter

January 17 – They’re back!!

January 18 – Sunrise and Fog

January 19 – First cardinal I’ve photographed since we moved here !!!!

January 20 – Goldfinch feast – they will be bright yellow by spring

January 21 – Not all roses are red


Lens Artists Challenge – Looking Back

For this week’s challenge, we are looking back into the passing of time using photos to represent this topic. As I was going through my photos, I chose music as my subject. My father was a self taught, successful musician. His instrument was guitar and in his early 30’s (during the 1940’s) he was a member of the Sammy Kaye Orchestra in New York (“Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye”). Eventually he struck out on his own in the 1950’s. Here are a few photos that depict changes in the music industry of that time.

Advertising for a musician “back then”.

78 RPM Demo Records – Does anyone remember 78 RPM??

The advancement to to 45 RPM’s with the little thing you had to put in the middle of the record in order to play it.

Radio was a popular medium for listening to music. I’m sure the equipment in the photos below was considered quite sophisticated at the time (taken at a wax museum in Nashville, TN).

Fast forward to the 1960’s and what I consider “my music” – the British Invasion – starting with the Beatles. 33 RPM Vinyl – it’s making a comeback!! I’m glad I saved all of my old records.

What’s interesting to me is that the instruments have not changed that much. The guitars shown below are well over 75 years old (both belonged to my dad).

Today – music is at our fingertips through multiple streaming sites. Personally, I love it – but every now and then I love to hear the pop and crackle of an old vinyl record.

Thanks Sofia for the trip down memory lane!!


Project 365 – January 9-14

Two weeks done!!

Jan 9 – Taken for a Flickr themed group – the topic was rope

Jan 10 – One of our locals

Jan 11 – From a distance I thought there was a large bird on this dead tree – my telephoto lens proved otherwise

Jan 12 – Winter weeds

Jan 13 – Enjoying a peanut

Jan 14 – Taken for a Flickr themed group – the topic was post processing – I used a texture treatment on this photo

Thanks for all of your comments and likes on my previous photos!!