Cee’s Compose Yourself – Perspective

This week we were challenged to take photos with perspective in mind. We were to use 2 small items and one large item and change the distance of the small items in relationship to the lens/large item. The subject is some very old china that belonged to my husband’s great grandmother. I decided to use the nifty-fifty lens at f1.8 and tried to keep my body/camera in the same location with each picture. I used my light tent with a black background to decrease surrounding clutter. I think my favorite is #4. I like the staggered arrangement of the items. I learned that I love this little lens, working with a black background can be challenging, and if you have more than 1 item in the photo, try different arrangements.

CCY Perspective #1

CCY Perspective #2

CCY Perspective #3

CCY Perspective #4