Project 365 – May 14-20, 2023

Week 20 – only 32 left to go

May 14 – Lensbaby photo

May 15 – Are they going to crash into each other?? (No – all went well)

May 16 – Protecting the nest

May 17 – Baptismal font in a church at the oceanfront

May 18 – Signs of positivity

May 19 – From seed to flower

May 20 – Female cardinal


Project 365 – May 7-13, 2023

Week 19 is done!!

May 7 – Taken for a themed Flickr group – Topic – “Broken”

May 8 – Rural Life

May 9 – Colorful weeds

May 10 – Visitor to our yard – the non-poisonous variety

May 11 – Nature’s knot

May 12 – Mouthful

May 13 – Taken for a Flickr themed group – Topic – “Swag”


Lens Artists Challenge – Art in the Park (and other places)

Journeys with Johnbo leads this week’s challenge with a focus on the arts. Public art in all its forms and locations whether in a park or a parking lot, an outdoor theater, or a street corner, art in public places can be found in communities worldwide.ย 

One place to find art is in a museum. A couple of years ago we visited the Cherokee Indian museum in Cherokee, NC. I found this tribal wear to be a stunning piece of art.

Stained glass has an artistic beauty all it’s own.

A friend of ours creates surfboard art. His boards are so beautiful that many of them are displayed rather than ridden.

I’m sure most of us have our favorite artists. Here’s mine ๐Ÿ™‚


Lens Artists Challenge – Topic – Mood

Sofia is leading this week’s topic – Mood. There are a lot of ways this can be depicted in photos. In the first set of photos, I captured the change of the weather on the beach in a matter of 15 minutes. Our mood went from that of “watch and wait- it might pass” to one of fear that we might not get off the beach quick enough.

Night time photos can provide a sense of calm and rest.

Some of the happiest photos are ones of smiling dogs!! These loving animals can bring joy just by seeing their tails wag and happy faces! Their love is so unconditional.


Project 365 April 23-29, 2023

One day shy of 4 months completed!!

April 23 – The bluebirds have been busy this spring

April 24 – Rural life

April 25 – Northern Cardinal

April 26 – The babies in the nest on our front door wreath have grown their feathers and left the nest

April 27 – Mandevilla plant

April 28 – After the storm

April 29 – Celebrating my youngest daughter’s 40th birthday