Project 365 – The Last 5 Days

I can’t believe I made it!!!! Here are the final photos from Dec 27-31. I will share lessons learned in my post tomorrow. Thanks to all for your views, comments and likes! You are the best! Stay safe this New Years Eve – see you in 2020

Foggy Morning – Taken Dec 27

Floating Along – taken Dec 28

Candy Cane Amaryllis – taken Dec 29

A place to contemplate the previous and new year – taken Dec 30

Hanging On – taken Dec 31



We went to the beach on Dec 26 and it was quite foggy. We saw what looked like a white rainbow. I googled “white rainbow” and learned that it is called a fogbow. This was our first time ever seeing something like this (taken Dec 26 Project 365)

Here is more info on it if interested: