Lens Artists – Topic – Red

This week we are asked to share the color of red during this bleak winter (for some of us). Here are a few from my archives.

Candy Cane Amaryllis Flower – we received this beautiful flower for Christmas

Cardinals – these birds are year -round visitors for us

The red, white and blue

Red umbrella

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Lens Artist Challenge #79 – Window with a View

Amy has encouraged us to post photos of windows with a view –

Here are a few that I chose for this challenge.

We have sliding doors in our great room so we are able to watch in full view what a storm is doing. This is one from a hurricane a few years ago

Here’s a better view from one of our other windows

Hope this one brings a smile – this was taken through a store window

Although I hate to fly – I have to admit that it is beautiful up there

The last one is of an expectant bride – I wonder what she is thinking?