Lens Artists – #140 – Change of Scenery

Whenever I get the opportunity to go to the beach – I’m there – warm weather or cold – it doesn’t matter. If it’s cold – I go long enough to see and hear the waves and smell the salty air. The photo below was from one of those cold days in January. People who live in the Outer Banks are encouraged to bring their trees down to the dunes as a way of helping protect them.

The next photo is more recent and hopefully will put a smile on your face. This Easter Bunny was set up at a local park to see children and give them a little treat.

6 thoughts on “Lens Artists – #140 – Change of Scenery

  1. Oh my gosh Nora, that image of the Easter Bunny really cracked me up! So unexpected. Also unexpected-Christmas trees on the beach! But a very clever idea, isn’t it? Very creative response to the challenge.

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