Lens Artists Challenge – Topic – Mood

Sofia is leading this week’s topic – Mood. There are a lot of ways this can be depicted in photos. In the first set of photos, I captured the change of the weather on the beach in a matter of 15 minutes. Our mood went from that of “watch and wait- it might pass” to one of fear that we might not get off the beach quick enough.

Night time photos can provide a sense of calm and rest.

Some of the happiest photos are ones of smiling dogs!! These loving animals can bring joy just by seeing their tails wag and happy faces! Their love is so unconditional.


Lens Artists Photo Challenge

Ann-Christine hosts this week challenge on backlit photography. The effect can produce some beautiful photos. Here are a few I have chosen for this topic.

Both of these photos were taken a few minutes apart. In one – the weeds and ladybug are outlined by the backlighting and the other has a golden tone created by the light.

This photo shows winter light on the last remaining leaves on this branch.

Last is one of my favorites because it is probably a “once in a lifetime” type of photo.


Lens Artists Challenge – Environments

I was born in the city (Brooklyn, NY). We left when I was 3 so I don’t have very many memories of it. I have only returned one time as a chaperone for a high school trip. Unfortunately, the photos were film, so I don’t have any to share. However, I did have the opportunity to go to the city of Nashville in 2018 with my daughter and granddaughter. A fun trip but I would not want to live there.

The hotel we stayed in brought the outdoors in. You could even take a little boat ride inside.

There was a nice wax museum near the hotel that featured famous artists. Of course, we took our pictures with them.

We spent some time downtown and even took ones of those tourist bus rides which actually turned out to be quite good. We could get on and off at different places.

We had a wonderful time in this busy, musical environment, but it was good to get home to our suburban lifestyle.

As of August 2022, I live in a rural area very close to the coast and I love it!!


Lens Artists Challenge

This week Siobhan leads with the topic of “Glowing Moments”. My first two photos are of a sunrise and sunset. Very little was done to edit the colors in these photos.

The fall brings lots of glow to nature.

Our youngest grandson has hair that glows in the sun.

I love the glow of our grandchildren for a job well done.

Thank you Siobhan for this week’s fun challenge.


Lens Artists Challenge – The Road (Most Often)Taken

John is leading this week’s topic. The idea is that we are to share photos in our favorite style or type of photography. I lean mostly to all things nature and beach. I also love macro photography.

Lucky for me, I have always lived near a beach. I find the time spent there is both peaceful and restorative.

Nature brings us much beauty to appreciate. I especially enjoy watching and photographing birds when I am out and about.

With macro photography, there is fascinating detail that is brought to life. Many times, I see something on the computer in the photo that I did not see while I was taking the picture like the falling flower in the first photo below and the tiny hairs on the stem in the second photo.

These are my roads most travelled, photographically speaking. I hope you enjoyed them!


Lens Artists Challenge – Topic – Alone Time

Anne-Christine is hosting this week’s challenge. Even though I consider myself an extrovert, alone time is something I need to refresh and recharge. Since I have fully retired recently, I find that the mornings can provide this. I use this time to have that most important morning beverage, coffee, to do a Spanish lesson (on duolingo), read and/or journal.

I’ve noticed that my grandchildren also need their alone time as well.

Even pets, as much as they love us, need their space at times – usually to sleep 🙂

But, if you were to ask me where my favorite place for alone time would be, it’s on a beach with a good book and the sand between my toes.


Lens Artists Challenge

This week Amy is leading us on a East Meets West or North Meets South challenge. I have not been to any foreign countries so I decided to share photos of the eastern and western part of North Carolina. Every fall, we go to the western part of the state for leaf peeping. Last fall we visited Skyline Drive (in Virginia) then made our way to the Great Smokies which is on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee.

While I love our fall travels, I am so glad our permanent home is surrounded by water and near beaches. These photos are from the Outer Banks (Nags Head), Hatteras Island and the Albemarle Sound.


Lens Artists – Shadows and Reflections in Monochrome

This week, Patti has provided an interesting topic to explore with photography. I love monochrome photos but don’t use it very often with mine. I think it can bring out nice details or create a mood. Here are a few I have for this week.

This flower is pretty in color but I also like how this edit turned out.

This photo was taken on a cold day and I think the monochrome helps give the impression of cold. There is even a layer of ice in the water beyond the dock.

Beaches are great for monochrome photos.

Here is an “usie” (plural of selfie) of Gidget and I at the beach. I think we look quite nice 🙂


Lens Artists Challenge – A One Lens Walk

This week Anne wants us to “take a lens for a walk.” I have 3 favorites that I use on a regular basis. First up is the canon 24-105mm. I use this one primarily for family and pet photos.

But is also works nicely for landscape photos.

My next go-to lens is the canon 100-400mm. If I’m trying to photograph birds or distant subjects, this is the lens that I use.

Although the 100-400 is not a macro lens, it works well for close up photography as long as I can maintain the minimum focusing distance. For this reason, I will more often than not take this heavy but useful lens on hikes.

The last lens that I use regularly is my canon 100mm macro which is absolutely my favorite! I love bringing detail to life. Early in my career as a clinical laboratory technologist, I discovered that I loved microscopy. Being able to see red cells, white cells, platelets, bacteria and fungi close up was fascinating to me. Below are 2 macro images with the 100.

The 100mm macro also serves as a great prime lens which is something I need to remember more often.

As my love for macro photography grew over the years, I investigated getting into microscopic photography. Deciding that it might be too expensive, instead I purchased the canon MPE 65mm which is a 1X – 5X macro. It is full manual, requires great light and absolutely no movement of subject or camera. It’s great for rainy days when I don’t want to walk.

Thanks Anne for a great challenge!