Len’s Artists Challenge – Over the Hill

This week the Lens-Artists community invites us to share images of what over the hill means to us. I have plenty of mountain pictures but the first thing my mind went to is some of the photos of our grandchildren playing on hills. For children, hills mean adventure. Some of my best childhood memories are of rolling down a hill of soft green grass. Here are some photos of the joy of a hill from a child’s point of view.


Lens Artists Challenge – Opposites

We have finally settled into our new home – so there’s time for a little photography. Recently we went to Washington DC with our family and took a fun trip to the zoo. The grands loved it! The visit brought back many childhood memories for me however I was disappointed we couldn’t find the giraffes and the aviary was closed for renovations. The photos below are from that trip.

Spots and Stripes

Brunette and Blonde Brothers

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Lens Artists Challenge – Treasures

I am at the stage of life where how I spend my time is my treasure. These are the areas where I like to spend the majority of my treasure of time

In nature taking pictures

At the beach

With family

And with my goofy husband of almost 50 years this September (check out the t-shirt)

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Lens Artists Challenge – Local Vistas

This week Anne of Slow Shutter Speed is hosting the challenge that has us looking locally. The majority of photos that I take are within 60 miles of home. I am a self described backyard photographer. Since we live on the coast, much of what we see and do revolves around water, marshes and swamps.

However I think I will start with the hospital in our closest city, Norfolk, VA where I worked in the clinical laboratory and health care education for many years.

Also in this area is the oldest Catholic church which I attended as a child.

The waterways including the Intracoastal Waterway allow for lots of boating and fishing

Lastly I will leave you with photos of our beautiful beaches

I hope you enjoyed our little corner of the world.


Lens Artists Challenge – Minimalism/Maximalism

This week Sophia is hosting the challenge. The challenge is called Minimalism/Maximalism. It could also be Simplicity/Complexity or Sparce/Full.

This field of yellow flowers caught my eye. I would call this a maximalism photo although it could be considered simple since it is of one subject.

Moving in closer, there is more detail and less distraction in the photo

Even closer, allows for those little surprises

The following mockingbird photos show the min/max examples. I would call this a maximalism photo because the birds are not isolated – however it tells a story. The bottom bird has a little morsel in it’s beak and the top bird is eyeing as if to say “are you going to share that”?

The next one is more of a minimalist bird photo

Cropping can often give a busy photo a more minimalist or less busy look. I tend to use cropping quite a bit. Sometimes I will shoot a photo with the intention to crop and other times – the lens that I have doesn’t have the reach needed. These bluebird photos demonstrate this example.

Thanks Sophia for hosting this week’s challenge. Great topic!!


Lens Artist Challenge – Three of a Kind

This week Ann Christine invites us to share 3 photos that are somehow related. The triptych I am sharing is of dogs we have loved. I had to dig into my film photos for a couple of these. Going clockwise is Rosie (our most recent loss and also called Rosebud), Bumber (our first dog) and Bronco (our #2 dog) . Each of our rescued dogs enriched our lives and gave us unconditional love.

Of course, I’d get in big trouble with Gidget if I didn’t mention her since she is our current fur baby.


Lens Artists Challenge – Topic – Every Little Thing

I love macro photography so that was the direction I initially considered for this topic. Instead – I picked some recent photos of my grandkids and family dogs since they are often the ones that make us stop and pause to look around with wonder.

Our dog loves to get on our bed after it’s made and this is what we usually see of her

My daughter’s dog undoubtedly looking for his ball in the yard

And – the grands – even the older one can be child like at times. She’s fun to be with as are the younger ones.

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Lens Artists – Topic – Humor

This week John of John’s Space leads with the topic of humor. I didn’t think I had any photos that depicted humor until I looked at some of the dog photos I have taken over the years. Sometimes we catch dogs doing something funny and sometimes we do something with them that makes us laugh. Here are some examples of both situations.

These dogs wanted nothing to do with the water

In the next photo, the dog did not drink the beer, but was napping on a warm day beside the pool. I couldn’t resist the snap

Who hasn’t had a good chuckle at a dog licking a baby?

Then, of course, there are those items we adorn our dogs with. They put up with it because they love us.

I had fun going through my photos and having a chuckle at some of them. If you are interested in joining these challenges, you can find the info here


Lens Artists Challenge – Colorful Expressions

This week Anne leads the challenge. The photos I have chosen for this topic were taken in February at Disney Springs in Florida. Color abounds in the world of Disney with their animated movies and cartoons as well as Disneyland and Disney World. These two photos were taken outside the Lego museum. Not only are they colorful, but the subjects are made of Legos. I’m guessing that it took a lot of patience and time.