Lens Artists Challenge 119 – Hideaway

This year more than ever our home has become our sanctuary. There is a mixed blessing in this because we have made the decision to downsize and move closer to our girls and their families. The place we have chosen to live will have many of the characteristics of our current neighborhood with the plus of being closer to our family and the Outer Banks. This year I have truly enjoyed the variety of birds we have seen in our yard. Here are a few photos I’d like to share.



Juvenile Green Heron

Male and Female Finches

If you’d like to participate in this week’s challenge – you can find the info here –

24 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge 119 – Hideaway

  1. Excellent bird photography! I loved every one of them – the first one is exquisite! I can understand you found a perfect hideaway – and close to your family too.

  2. Lovely birds Nora – they’re in your current home?? Loved the Nuthatch especially. When is your move? How fortunate to be closer to your family during pandemic restrictions.

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