Lens Artists Challenge – Minimalism/Maximalism

This week Sophia is hosting the challenge. The challenge is called Minimalism/Maximalism. It could also be Simplicity/Complexity or Sparce/Full.

This field of yellow flowers caught my eye. I would call this a maximalism photo although it could be considered simple since it is of one subject.

Moving in closer, there is more detail and less distraction in the photo

Even closer, allows for those little surprises

The following mockingbird photos show the min/max examples. I would call this a maximalism photo because the birds are not isolated – however it tells a story. The bottom bird has a little morsel in it’s beak and the top bird is eyeing as if to say “are you going to share that”?

The next one is more of a minimalist bird photo

Cropping can often give a busy photo a more minimalist or less busy look. I tend to use cropping quite a bit. Sometimes I will shoot a photo with the intention to crop and other times – the lens that I have doesn’t have the reach needed. These bluebird photos demonstrate this example.

Thanks Sophia for hosting this week’s challenge. Great topic!!


Bird Weekly – Birds Seen in Last 2 Weeks

Here are some of the sightings I have had recently. The first one is a cute little yellow rumped warbler.

The next one is a mallard resting comfortably on a tree stump

Last – here is a wren who decided to check out our house as a potential nesting place. I guess a photo of him/her should be place in the frame that it is on. (We were able to safely get it back outside).

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Bird Weekly – Birds with “Butts in the Air”

This week we are sharing photos of birds with “bottoms up”. Here are a few that I have chosen for this week.

A laughing gull proudly showing tailfeathers.

I think this is a boattail grackle that we saw in Rincon Puerto Rico – if I have the ID incorrect – please let me know.

A cute little nuthatch hanging bottoms up.

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Lens Artists Challenge 119 – Hideaway

This year more than ever our home has become our sanctuary. There is a mixed blessing in this because we have made the decision to downsize and move closer to our girls and their families. The place we have chosen to live will have many of the characteristics of our current neighborhood with the plus of being closer to our family and the Outer Banks. This year I have truly enjoyed the variety of birds we have seen in our yard. Here are a few photos I’d like to share.



Juvenile Green Heron

Male and Female Finches

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Lens Artists Challenge 108 – Sanctuary

Most of you who follow me know that one of my favorite places is the beach which is always a sanctuary for me. With this post I decided to share another sanctuary – our backyard. We are fortunate to live on a neighborhood lake which allows us to see plenty of waterfowl. Plus I make sure that there are feeders and birdbaths in the yard. Here are a few of the birds we have enjoyed this year

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Lens Artists Challenge #95 – All Wet

Tina has invited us to share our photo interpretations of all wet. The first one is my husband on the verge of wiping out. Even though he is already wet from surfing, the wave will hit with some force pushing him off the board and into the water below.

Next is a robin having an awesome time taking a bath.

Last is one of my favorite shore birds getting ready to take the plunge into the sea.

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