Lens Artists Challenge #95 – All Wet

Tina has invited us to share our photo interpretations of all wet. The first one is my husband on the verge of wiping out. Even though he is already wet from surfing, the wave will hit with some force pushing him off the board and into the water below.

Next is a robin having an awesome time taking a bath.

Last is one of my favorite shore birds getting ready to take the plunge into the sea.

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Lens Artists Challenge #88 – Chaos

The theme for this week is chaos which is certainly timely. I hope everyone is staying safe, practicing good hand hygiene, social distancing to curtail the spread and staying up-to-date with reputable sources like CDC and WHO. I used to work in a hospital clinical laboratory so I can only imagine the chaos they are experiencing. I was working there in the 1980’s when HIV hit us but I think the difference today is that you can get your information (or misinformation) in an instant. Anyway – I decided to use pictures of the surf and surfing to visually describe chaos.

Just look at the chaos in this water coming to shore

Surfers certainly understand the chaos of the waves (note – no surfers were harmed in the taking of these photos and all are family)

At times, the wave chaos gets the best of a surfboard. This is a photo of my husband during our time in Rincon Puerto Rico. His Puerto Rico surfing days were over for this trip!

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Stay well everyone!!


Lens-Artists #78 – Special Spot Shots

We are lucky to have had 2 opportunities to go to Rincon, Puerto Rico in 2013 and 2016. I say lucky because with all the damage from the hurricane and earthquake I don’t know if we will ever get to go back. It is a beautiful place that I would describe as “beauty in the midst of poverty”. Here are some photos from our 2016 trip.

This was the view from the home we rented. The ride down from this small mountain was very treacherous with it’s one lane road, roller coaster type ride and an abundance of curves in the road.

The stray dog population seemed to have gotten better between 2013 and 2016. These dogs clearly had owners taking care of them.

We went there because the surf is great in February/March and my husband, daughter and son-in-law are avid surfers

The beaches and surroundings are beautiful

Route 413 in Rincon is truly a road to happiness