Lens Artists Challenge – Topic – Alone Time

Anne-Christine is hosting this week’s challenge. Even though I consider myself an extrovert, alone time is something I need to refresh and recharge. Since I have fully retired recently, I find that the mornings can provide this. I use this time to have that most important morning beverage, coffee, to do a Spanish lesson (on duolingo), read and/or journal.

I’ve noticed that my grandchildren also need their alone time as well.

Even pets, as much as they love us, need their space at times – usually to sleep 🙂

But, if you were to ask me where my favorite place for alone time would be, it’s on a beach with a good book and the sand between my toes.


Lens Artist Challenge – Three of a Kind

This week Ann Christine invites us to share 3 photos that are somehow related. The triptych I am sharing is of dogs we have loved. I had to dig into my film photos for a couple of these. Going clockwise is Rosie (our most recent loss and also called Rosebud), Bumber (our first dog) and Bronco (our #2 dog) . Each of our rescued dogs enriched our lives and gave us unconditional love.

Of course, I’d get in big trouble with Gidget if I didn’t mention her since she is our current fur baby.