Bird Weekly – Using Selective Color

Lisa of Our Eyes Open has asked us to use the editing technique of selective color. Since Lightroom Classic is my “go to” for editing – that is what I used. The process is pretty easy with the HSL Panel (hue, saturation, luminance). I played with the saturation sliders until I got the look I wanted. Here are a cardinal, mallards and bluebird using this technique.

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Bird Weekly – Birds Seen in Last 2 Weeks

Here are some of the sightings I have had recently. The first one is a cute little yellow rumped warbler.

The next one is a mallard resting comfortably on a tree stump

Last – here is a wren who decided to check out our house as a potential nesting place. I guess a photo of him/her should be place in the frame that it is on. (We were able to safely get it back outside).

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