Macro Photography

Lens Artists Challenge – It’s a Small World

This week we are posting close up/macro photos. This is probably my favorite type of photography. I am always amazed by the little surprises in the photos once they are on the computer – things you don’t see when you take the picture. About a year ago, I invested in a “super” macro lens which brings things even closer. The picture below was taken with that lens and is the center of a poinsettia.

Although you get amazing detail – the lens has a huge learning curve.

The next 2 photos were taken with the traditional macro lens. I loves the detail and colors of the caterpillar and you can also see why pinecones hurt when you step on them.

If you would like to participate in this week’s challenge – you can find the info here –

Macro Photography

Macro Monday

I participate in a theme based macro group on Flickr. This week’s theme is unusual patterns. My husband and I completed 2 puzzles that were each 1000 pieces during the stay at home order. Each piece had it’s own unique shape. This is part of the puzzle called “Dogtown” and it turned out pretty cool!