Lens Artists Challenge – Bokeh

This week Sophia is leading the challenge. One of the lenses I have that I don’t pull out often enough is the Lensbaby. It can produce a beautiful bokeh effect especially at wide apertures. Here are a few examples :

There are several types of Lensbaby lenses. The one I have is the Velvet 85. These lenses have a huge learning curve since they are fully manual but they are fun to use.

Macro Photography

Macro Moments – Week 22 – A Rose in December


I couldn’t believe we had a rose blooming on December 10 when it was 30 degrees outside so I had to bring it in and get a photo of it. This is a Lensbaby macro. I am participating in a 100X challenge on Flickr this year and my “X” is “Photos with the Lensbaby”. This lens has a learning curve in that it is manual focus and you move the lens on a pivot to achieve the desired focus and blur. I used a light tent for this photo with an ISO of 400 at 1/160.