Lens Artists Challenge – Minimalism/Maximalism

This week Sophia is hosting the challenge. The challenge is called Minimalism/Maximalism. It could also be Simplicity/Complexity or Sparce/Full.

This field of yellow flowers caught my eye. I would call this a maximalism photo although it could be considered simple since it is of one subject.

Moving in closer, there is more detail and less distraction in the photo

Even closer, allows for those little surprises

The following mockingbird photos show the min/max examples. I would call this a maximalism photo because the birds are not isolated – however it tells a story. The bottom bird has a little morsel in it’s beak and the top bird is eyeing as if to say “are you going to share that”?

The next one is more of a minimalist bird photo

Cropping can often give a busy photo a more minimalist or less busy look. I tend to use cropping quite a bit. Sometimes I will shoot a photo with the intention to crop and other times – the lens that I have doesn’t have the reach needed. These bluebird photos demonstrate this example.

Thanks Sophia for hosting this week’s challenge. Great topic!!


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Sunset to Sunrise

This week For CFFC we are sharing fotos of sunset, sunrise and night. I have one of each.

The first one is the glow of a sunrise coming through the window.

Next is a sunset reflected on a lake with a solitary goose floating along.

Last is one I took the other evening of a moonrise during the blue hour.

If you would like to join in on this week’s challenge – you can get the info here –