Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Sunset to Sunrise

This week For CFFC we are sharing fotos of sunset, sunrise and night. I have one of each.

The first one is the glow of a sunrise coming through the window.

Next is a sunset reflected on a lake with a solitary goose floating along.

Last is one I took the other evening of a moonrise during the blue hour.

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Lens-Artists #91 – Simplicity

This week we are looking at simplicity through our photos. Here are a few that I feel represent this weeks topic.

Simple pleasures (and not terribly high in calories)

A walk on the beach which I could do everyday if I lived closer to one

Watching the birds in our yard. We are soooo excited because this year we finally have bluebirds in one of our bird houses

Spring blossoms always bring a smile

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