Lens Artists #136 – Starts with Letter S

This week we are sharing photos of subjects that start with the letter “S”. Here are mine for the week.

The first one is from a recent snowstorm we had in January. We don’t get snow that often and this one was just enough to make everything pretty.

This one is shorebreak surf.

The last one is part real and part fake. It’s a flower at sunset. Photoshop has a sky replacement filter which is pretty cool. I shot the flower on a white background and added the sunset through the magic of Photoshop.

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Lens Artists Challenge #96 Cropping the Shot

This week we are sharing some of our before/after photos to show how a crop can change the look. I almost always do a little cropping for compositional purposes. Here are 3 examples from photos taken this year.

Mrs. Mallard Duck – she was pretty far away from me in the original and I thought the shoreline was distracting. I wanted to bring her in closer because I loved the light on her feathers and the color of her eyes.

In this next photo, I turned a portrait into a landscape photo with the crop.

I did a major crop on this last photo because I wanted the rose buds to have all the attention.

So….. do you like the befores or afters???

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Sense of Seeing

All my life, I have always enjoyed taking pictures. Around 2008 is when I became more serious about it. I have found that through photography I notice things more such as the details of a flower, a little insect or the beautiful markings on what might be considered a “plain” bird.

Here is a macro of a flower where you can see the bits of pollen and dirt as well as the shades of yellow and green.

This little bug is a soldier beetle – kinda cute I think.

This is a common grackle. These birds can empty a feeder in no time but if the sun hits their feathers just right, you can see beautiful rainbow colors and their eyes are a pretty golden color.

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