Lens Artist Challenge – Three of a Kind

This week Ann Christine invites us to share 3 photos that are somehow related. The triptych I am sharing is of dogs we have loved. I had to dig into my film photos for a couple of these. Going clockwise is Rosie (our most recent loss and also called Rosebud), Bumber (our first dog) and Bronco (our #2 dog) . Each of our rescued dogs enriched our lives and gave us unconditional love.

Of course, I’d get in big trouble with Gidget if I didn’t mention her since she is our current fur baby.


Lens Artists Challenge – Topic – Every Little Thing

I love macro photography so that was the direction I initially considered for this topic. Instead – I picked some recent photos of my grandkids and family dogs since they are often the ones that make us stop and pause to look around with wonder.

Our dog loves to get on our bed after it’s made and this is what we usually see of her

My daughter’s dog undoubtedly looking for his ball in the yard

And – the grands – even the older one can be child like at times. She’s fun to be with as are the younger ones.

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Lens Artists – Topic – Humor

This week John of John’s Space leads with the topic of humor. I didn’t think I had any photos that depicted humor until I looked at some of the dog photos I have taken over the years. Sometimes we catch dogs doing something funny and sometimes we do something with them that makes us laugh. Here are some examples of both situations.

These dogs wanted nothing to do with the water

In the next photo, the dog did not drink the beer, but was napping on a warm day beside the pool. I couldn’t resist the snap

Who hasn’t had a good chuckle at a dog licking a baby?

Then, of course, there are those items we adorn our dogs with. They put up with it because they love us.

I had fun going through my photos and having a chuckle at some of them. If you are interested in joining these challenges, you can find the info here


Lens Artists Challenge #131 – Emotions

I have lots of photos of family and friends showing emotions however I am going with a different take on this week’s theme – happy dogs. I think dogs show a lot of emotion through their tails, eyes and yes even their smiles. Here are a few photos of dogs that are or have been in our family.

This picture goes back in time. Meet Coda – our dog from my childhood. He has that happy doggy smile.

Rosie is up next. She lived with us for almost 16 years – we lost her in 2017. You can just feel her joy as she romps in the snow.

Here is smiling Kiely – my daughter’s dog who recently passed away. Labs seem to have a permanent smile.

This is Bongo – also my daughter’s dog – he lives for his ball!!

Last is our little Gidget. You can see the love and trust in her eyes.

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Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy – Sit in the Sun

This week we are asked to “Sit in the Sun”. I looked through my photos and here are a few of my favorites

My granddaughter and our dog enjoying a warm October day at the beach

Our “grand-dog” Bongo doing the same in early spring

Here’s another of Gidget enjoying the warm sun through the window

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