Cee’s Compose Yourself – B/W Post Processing

In this lesson – Cee encouraged us to shoot in color and edit the file for b/w. I typically use Lightroom for most of my edits such as this and will use the presets as well. Here are the color and b/w versions of 4 photos


Cee’s Compose Yourself – Perspective

This week we were challenged to take photos with perspective in mind. We were to use 2 small items and one large item and change the distance of the small items in relationship to the lens/large item. The subject is some very old china that belonged to my husband’s great grandmother. I decided to use the nifty-fifty lens at f1.8 and tried to keep my body/camera in the same location with each picture. I used my light tent with a black background to decrease surrounding clutter. I think my favorite is #4. I like the staggered arrangement of the items. I learned that I love this little lens, working with a black background can be challenging, and if you have more than 1 item in the photo, try different arrangements.

CCY Perspective #1

CCY Perspective #2

CCY Perspective #3

CCY Perspective #4


Cee’s Compose Yourself – Week 11 – Centerpoint

This week we are breaking the rule of thirds and using the center of the image as our focal point. The first photo shows a coffee bean in the center surrounded by m&m’s and other beans.

CCY - Week 11 - Centerpoint-1

The next photo shows the stem of a wine glass – however it was taken from above the glass of wine
CCY - Week 11 - Centerpoint-2

The third photo shows a kayaker in the center – I think this is my favorite because of the colors – I did very little to edit the colors of this beautiful sunset
CCY - Week 11 - Centerpoint-5

Last is a kind of funny photo taken on the spur of a momentCCY - Week 11 - Centerpoint-4

Flower Photography · Photography

CCY – Week 3

Favorite #1
Favorite #1
Favorite #2
Favorite #2

This week Cee encouraged us to take multiple images of a subject changing POV, angle etc. Daisies are one of my favorite flowers and we have these unusual ones that bloom in late September/early October – so I chose them as my subject. I resisted cropping any of these to improve the composition (which was hard to do) – just did basic LR edits. I also used a telephoto lens to change the focal lengths.


Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge

We were challenged to look at subjects from different perspectives including focal lengths. I chose this tree behind our house that overhangs the lake. I took several from the side of the tree – but decided that I liked the composition from the perspective I have posted below. The focal lengths are 24 mm, 53 mm and 70 mm. In the 24 mm the houses are distracting – but the 70 mm may be too close even though the reflection is nice. While the 53 mm still has some of the houses and fences in the background – I like the perspective of the tree. I’d love to hear what others think.

Cee Compose Yourself-1

Cee Compose Yourself-2

Cee Compose Yourself-3