Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Looking Down


My daughter re-married last October. We stayed in a 4 story beach house in Avon NC. The wedding was held at the end of a private and very long pier on the sound. I took this photo of her looking down at the pier (from the top story of the house) before she was to walk down with her father.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Topic – Transmorgrify

My daughter was recently married in Hatteras. There is a bakery down there called the Orange Blossom which makes something called an Apple Ugly. These are “gut lunkers”. Both my daughter and her now husband are fans of these so they decided to turn them into a wedding cake of sorts. If you are ever in Buxton on Hatteras Island – you have to try one of these. Here is some additional info on the place


Weekly Photo Challenge – Water – Hurricane Matthew

We live in Chesapeake VA and were much more fortunate than some of our friends further south. Our home sits on a man made lake. In the 28 years we have been here – we have never seen this. The lake flowed into our yard and up to our back deck. The other pictures show the after effects of water and wind. We lost a beautiful maple tree. Only minor damage occurred and we are all fine. This storm was supposed to take a big turn away from our area – so I learned 2 things from this one. One – be prepared regardless of the predictions and two – buy flood insurance even if you are not in a flood zone. It could have been much worse. Hope everyone else is doing OK.