Lens Artists Challenge – Topic – Alone Time

Anne-Christine is hosting this week’s challenge. Even though I consider myself an extrovert, alone time is something I need to refresh and recharge. Since I have fully retired recently, I find that the mornings can provide this. I use this time to have that most important morning beverage, coffee, to do a Spanish lesson (on duolingo), read and/or journal.

I’ve noticed that my grandchildren also need their alone time as well.

Even pets, as much as they love us, need their space at times – usually to sleep 🙂

But, if you were to ask me where my favorite place for alone time would be, it’s on a beach with a good book and the sand between my toes.


15 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge – Topic – Alone Time

  1. Morning coffee and learning something new – perfect! Love it that your grandchildren need some alone time too – good for them in this busy world. Love your beachwork!

  2. With you all the way on your closing image and thoughts Nora! Looks like you’ve settled nicely into your retirement – congrats on that. And the grandkids will definitely keep you on your toes! Lucky you 😊

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