Lens Artists Challenge – Home Sweet Home

Most of our travels are confined to the east coast, primarily Virginia, North Carolina and Florida. We typically head to the beaches or mountains during these times with an occasional trip to DC and a few other places. The beaches in North Carolina are very well known and quite popular. Here are some of the sites you may see:

In the fall, the mountains can be bursting with color and if you’re lucky you will observe some of the wildlife.

There are 2 places in Florida that I can recommend visiting; one is Cape Canaveral and the other is Disney (although I believe that Disney is quite a bit more expensive than when we went years ago).

I’d be remiss if I did not mention our military bases on the east coast of Virginia. Norfolk Naval Station is not only the largest naval station in the U.S. but also in the world. The base was created in 1917 and has a total of 3,400 acres as part of its territory. This is where the Atlantic Fleet lives. Its facilities house and service 75 ships and 134 aircraft. There is plenty of opportunity to see the big ships docked in harbors around the area.

Thank you for wandering with me through the places we live, visit and love! If you would like to join these challenges – you can find the info you need here.


20 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge – Home Sweet Home

  1. It seems we inhabit similar places Nora – loved the Naval Station image and your Disney could be a postcard it’s so pretty! Also loved the dolphins – don’t you just love it when they pop up?! Terrific post.

  2. I love your unique take on this challenge. I so love the dolphins. I think NC is still one of those fairly untouched places to visit. Your ocean photos reflect that.

    We were lucky enough to get tickets for a launch at NASA when driving through that area one year. Even though the first launch was cancelled, we were first up for tickets on the next try. It was probably 2 AM and truly one of those once in a lifetime moments. I’m glad you included it.

    And… I was born on that Navy base. I didn’t know it was the at large.

  3. Wonderful dolphin shot! Are the ponies on Ocracoke? We saw quite a few there 🙂 We’re not into Disney but we loved Cape Canaveral when in Florida many years ago!

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