Lens Artists Challenge – Topic – Exposure

This week Sophia is leading us through a study on exposure. I must admit, many of my exposure changes take place in Lightroom. There are times where I may purposefully go for a high or low key exposure “in camera” but most often it’s just a slight exposure nudge to the right or left depending on the image I am taking. Here are some examples where I used Lightroom to tweak exposure. The original is on the left and edited version on the right.

The first is a slight increase in exposure/highlights creating a more high key image.

The second image is a water/sky abstract. In this case the image was darkened to create more contrast.

The last image is a white flower on a white background. For me, these images almost always need work in Lightroom to get the white balance correct as well as the “whites”.

If you would like to join these challenges, you can find the info here

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