Lens Artists Challenge – Flights of Fancy

Many of you know that we sold our beloved home of 33 years in April 2021 (pictured below). It was more space that we needed, 2 stories and we wanted to move closer to our daughters and their families.

Little did we know that the price of lumber would delay us to the point where we lived in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment for over a year. During this time, building a new home definitely seemed like a flight of fancy plus since we are both over 70, I did not expect us to be doing this at this time of our life..

In December 2021 we started clearing the lot, finalized our plans and worked on colors for walls, floors and cabinets.

After a LOT of planning and waiting, construction began and we have decided that this has been the best decision ever. We got to plan our new home from the ground up and there is little we would go back and change. Plus it’s wonderful to be less than 30 minutes from our daughters and families. Here is a peek at our new home.

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21 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge – Flights of Fancy

  1. A fun take on the challenge. You clearly know how to Mae a house a home. I love both. To live somewhere for 33 years is amazing. And I know you will have great memories in your new house surrounded by family. Very nice, Nora.

  2. I’ve followed your journey from before to after Nora – congratulations on seeing this through. I’m sure your family is thrilled to have you both close by and your grandkids will grow up knowing you so much better (and you them of course!!). your new home looks beautiful – isn’t it wonderful to have everything around you so fresh and new?! Wishing you many years of happiness there.

  3. Beautiful homes and a flight of fancy for sure – and it came true. I hope you will find it a lovely home even if it never can feel quite the same as your old home.

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