Lens Artists Challenge – Treasures

I am at the stage of life where how I spend my time is my treasure. These are the areas where I like to spend the majority of my treasure of time

In nature taking pictures

At the beach

With family

And with my goofy husband of almost 50 years this September (check out the t-shirt)

If you would like to join these challenges – you can find the info here –

17 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge – Treasures

  1. Loved your perspective on this one Nora – time is not something I thought of but you are so right, it is one of our greatest treasures and how we spend it impacts our lives completely. Well done!

  2. Ioke that family portrait and ca see the joy
    Also – your husband’s shirt would be good for the double theme this week
    (What is on his shirt?)
    And happy 50 years!!

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