Lens Artists Challenge – Favorite Images of 2021

This was a busy year for us. We welcomed a new grandson in December 2020 (close enough to 2021), bought a lot, sold our home of 33 years, moved into a one bedroom apartment and started construction on our new home. Also – I decided that this was the best time to have a total knee replacement before we move into our new place. While my images may not be the best photographically (is that a word?), they represent 2021 for me.

First the grandkids:

New grandson

Our grandson and granddaughter playing in our backyard for the last time

Swings in the backyard that provided entertainment for young and old

Our home of 33 years – sold in April 2021.

Construction started on the new home in December 2021. Now we just have to deal with delays/price increases in getting windows, doors, sheetrock, appliances etc., etc. Despite everything, I think we are going to enjoy the new home. It’s one story and less square footage. The location is beautiful, quiet and much closer to our children and grandchildren.. There is a marina down the street so I’m hoping there’s a boat in our future. Also, we are on the 13th fairway which I choose to believe will be lucky 🙂

If you would like to join these challenges, you can find the info here –

10 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge – Favorite Images of 2021

  1. Wishing you all good luck with the new home Nora – exciting and frustrating at the same time! Just try to enjoy the process. We’re under reconstruction and the supply chain issues on windows and doors are so frustrating but eventually they get there!! A very eventful year for you – 2022 should be equally wonderful!

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