Lens Artists Challenge – Weird and Wonderful

This week, Ann-Christine, invites us to share images that are weird and wonderful. The first one I am sharing was taken at a Botanical Gardens in Asheville, NC. If you have watched “Stranger Things” on Netflix, maybe this reminds you of the “upside down”. That’s what I saw in the image. Also – it shows that nature will thrive anywhere.

The next photo is a wonderful piece of art seen at the Cherokee museum.

Pelicans are strange looking birds to begin with – but this is the first one I have captured in full dive position.

Last are two photos of an imperial moth. The caterpillars are abundant but the moths are rarely seen since the birds find the caterpillars delicious.

If you would like to join these challenges, you can find the info here –

10 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge – Weird and Wonderful

  1. Exellent! Wonderfully weird – and beautiful! The pelican is amazing – what a capture. I love the imperial moth – what a beauty. Sad that they are rare because of being delicious food. Thank you for a very special post!

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