Lens Artists Challenge – Seen Better Days

This week we are sharing photos of things that are old, dilapidated or vintage. I have three examples. The first one is from last year that I took while on a boat ride in Florida on the Homosassa River. This house has definitely seen better days.

The next photo is from a recent trip to Alligator River Wildlife Refuge on Roanoke Island in North Carolina. This place has a lot of bear that can be seen on a regular basis in the spring and fall. We didn’t see any this trip but saw evidence of them.

The last image is one on a bike trail we frequent. It is a house built in the late 1700’s – early 1800’s. It first served as the Dismal Swamp Canal’s lock keeper’s house, then as a store for a lumber company, a commission booster for a pioneer telegraph line through this part of the state, a tea room and a private home. I love stopping at the site every time we go by it.

If you would like to join these challenges – you can find the info here –

13 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge – Seen Better Days

  1. I am sure the two houses were beautiful when it was in its prime…imagine a house near the waters and a house with pink flowering trees.

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