Lens Artists Challenge – Going Wide

There are times where some subjects are better portrayed with a wide angle view. Here are a few examples that I have chosen (each one is under 30 mm)

A wide view was definitely needed for this “fog bow” at the beach.

In this next photo, I was attempting to get the entire piano keyboard into view.

The last photo is my first lightning shot. I cropped it quite a bit and wished I had a longer lens on this particular occasion.

If you would like to join these challenges, you can find the information here –

14 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge – Going Wide

  1. Lovely choices, Nora. Your image of the piano keyboard is really a great use of a wide-angle shot and tells a story. That one is my favorite this week, but the others are very beautiful, too. Decisions, decisions…😀😀😀

  2. The fog bow is a great photo. I don’t think I’ve noticed anything like it.

    I love that shot of the keyboard. What wonderful light there

    I suppose the lightning would have stood out with a longer lens, but the wide angle view kind of puts such things in context, doesn’t it?

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