Lens Artist Challenge – Getting Away

We recently left Virginia to visit family in Florida by way of Asheville NC and the Smoky Mountains (east side). While in the mountains we visited Chimney Rock. I have not been there since I was a kid. It’s still quite beautiful. Here are a few photos from that visit.

This view is from our walk up from the parking lot.

We are getting closer to climbing the stairs.

We went up the steps to the top but then decided to go higher to the “opera box”. These steps were a little more rugged than the ones you see in the above photo.

Once up there, this was our reward.

On our way down – I was glad that we wore sensible shoes.

If you would like to join this week’s challenge – you can find the info here –

17 thoughts on “Lens Artist Challenge – Getting Away

  1. So very glad you posted these pictures. Although this site is less than an hour away from our house in Knoxville, we haven’t taken that hike in years. And we love it! So, yes, this is a marvelous getaway, one we need to consider taking in the near future. Thanks for participating in this week’s challenge. Here’s to much more getting away while you can!

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