Lens Artists Challenge #150 Let’s Get Wild

This week Dianne of the blog Rambling Ranger encourages us to share photos of nature untouched by humans or without help from humans. I am sharing 2 photos that are special to me.

First up is a deer from Skyline Drive in Virginia. I could see one every day and never tire of seeing them so they are a real treat when we do get a chance to see one.

The second photo is also from Skyline Drive. My husband and I have been visiting that area every fall for over 40 years and we rarely see bear. This photo is from one of those rare occasions.

If you would like to join the challenge, you can find the info here –

18 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #150 Let’s Get Wild

  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely wildlife photos with us, Nora! Seeing a bear (safely, like from a vehicle πŸ˜‰ ) is always a special treat and I love the expression on the deer’s face. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Here on Kiawah deer are everywhere! One day I stopped on a bike ride to photograph a mama and fawn and the mama actually walked right up to me and started licking the sweat off of my leg, presumably for the salt. How weird it that?! On the other hand, we have no bear here so that would be a serious treat for me too. Great images of beautiful creatures.

  3. That’s a nice close portrait of the deer, which seems to have been chewing something. I hope you weren’t as close to the bear as it looks like you were, unless you were shooting from inside a car.

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