Lens Artists Challenge #143 – Colorful April

Spring has sprung!! Longer days, warmer evenings and growth everywhere. This week we are sharing what April looks like where we live. Here are a few of my photos.

For those that celebrate Easter, dying Easter eggs is a fun activity that brings color and lots of hard boiled eggs to eat.

There are trees that have beautiful blossoms to enjoy.

One of the holly trees in our yard gets little white blossoms that attract all types of pollinators. It’s fun to try and catch them in flight as they move from one area to the next.

If you want to share your colorful april – you can find the info here –

11 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #143 – Colorful April

  1. Dying Easter eggs, how colorful and fun! Love the bee in flight capture and the beautiful pink blossoms. Thank you for sharing, Nora!

  2. What a wonderful collection, Nora. The Easter egg dying brings back fond memories of when my kids were doing it. As they got older, the eggs coloring became more creative. šŸ™‚

  3. Great post Nora. Great photos. Love the little hand. The future savers of our planet, one can only hope. Love the Easter eggs. It’s been centuries since I did dyeing. Otherwise, ’tis the bee’s knees.

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