Bird Weekly – Birds Seen in Last 2 Weeks

Here are some of the sightings I have had recently. The first one is a cute little yellow rumped warbler.

The next one is a mallard resting comfortably on a tree stump

Last – here is a wren who decided to check out our house as a potential nesting place. I guess a photo of him/her should be place in the frame that it is on. (We were able to safely get it back outside).

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11 thoughts on “Bird Weekly – Birds Seen in Last 2 Weeks

  1. These are fabulous Nora! We call the Yellow-rumped Warblers “rumps” for short. We had a Carolina Wren get in our house one time. Frank brought in the hanging plants because of a freeze and there was one in there. It flew through the house and landed on our Christmas Tree. Do you think either of us thought to grab our camera? NO! We were so concerned about the safety of the bird. We got it out but it had to find a warm place to stay the night. 🙂

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