Lens Artists Challenge #131 – Emotions

I have lots of photos of family and friends showing emotions however I am going with a different take on this week’s theme – happy dogs. I think dogs show a lot of emotion through their tails, eyes and yes even their smiles. Here are a few photos of dogs that are or have been in our family.

This picture goes back in time. Meet Coda – our dog from my childhood. He has that happy doggy smile.

Rosie is up next. She lived with us for almost 16 years – we lost her in 2017. You can just feel her joy as she romps in the snow.

Here is smiling Kiely – my daughter’s dog who recently passed away. Labs seem to have a permanent smile.

This is Bongo – also my daughter’s dog – he lives for his ball!!

Last is our little Gidget. You can see the love and trust in her eyes.

I hope these photos brought some joy to you. If you would like to join in on this week’s challenge, you can find the info here –

13 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #131 – Emotions

  1. Lovely take on – as a doglover, I had some great moments here! Although my dogs are not smiling really – I think some breeds/personalities don’t. Little Gidget is my favorite if I have to choose!

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