Lens-Artist Challenge #86 – Change Your Perspective

Our challenge this week comes from Patti –

Here are photos representing different perspectives

Get Down Low – I was weeding the flower beds yesterday and thought these clumps of weeds were kind of interesting so I layed down on the ground to get this photo. It wasn’t until I uploaded it that I saw the tiny bonus bug on the weed.

Look Up – For the first time in a while – we have woodpeckers nesting in our yard. There is always one of the pair nearby to guard the nest.

Look Down – food photo taken from above on a step stool

Walk Around – I walked around this tree yesterday and took many pictures of these pretty flowers that are here for a short time.

Thanks Patti for a great challenge this week!!

16 thoughts on “Lens-Artist Challenge #86 – Change Your Perspective

  1. Love your perspectives, Nora – I have a soft spot for wood peckers too. What wonderful flowers on your tree – longing for spring over here! The weeds are beautiful – are there a couple of lice as well? Blending in perfectly anyway.

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